On 15 January 2017, Maastricht University will participate in the charity run Zweit Veur Leid. This will be the fifth time that the University will try and raise money and awareness for a good cause that decreases or eliminates human misery in the wider Maastricht region.

This year we hope to inspire students, staff and alumni to participate in a charity run for people with severe balance problems. People with impaired vestibular systems experience difficulties walking and stabilizing images. They have extremely limited mobility and are prone to social isolation.  This disability can have such a dramatic impact that some patients even  choose to take their own lives.

In order to help the many patients affected by this illness – one in five people will develop balance problem during their lifetime – the UM Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences and the ENT department joined forces to develop a special balance belt. The vast majority of the patients who tried this belt were extremely enthusiastic. A home study revealed that wearing the belt significantly improved quality of life and made a real, life changing difference.

We are working hard to raise the needed €25,000 from companies and other organizations. With this amount we are able to give three patients from Maastricht who suffer from severe balance problems a balance belt, and fund further research with the objective to make the belt accessible for more patients by reducing production costs.

The track (4, 8 or 12 km) crosses the beautiful Buitengoed Geul & Maas in the North of Maastricht. It’s not a race, it’s all about the good vibes and the charities. As our team member, you’ll receive a professional running shirt and a drink afterwards to celebrate your achievement and our success. (UM Employees/ Alumni €20, UM Student €10, External €25)

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