The annual Maastricht University Dinner took place on 19 April. Held in the provincial government building of Limburg, the dinner allows Maastricht University to meet with companies and institutions from Limburg and the southern region of the Netherlands which support and collaborate with the university.

The dinner is hosted by the Limburg University Fund/SWOL and also has a fund-raising aspect alongside the all-important meetings. The dinner was attended by 200 guests from the companies and institutions and from UM. The main guest and speaker was Ralph Hamers, CEO of the ING Group. As the CEO of a bank whose many clients in Limburg and the southeast part of the Netherlands ensure good insights into the economic situation of the region, Mr Hamers asked the guests the following question: ‘Is Limburg agile enough?’ For Limburg, most of the economic and social thermometers indicate figures that range from positive to very positive. The question is therefore how alert you need to be to keep from resting on your laurels and to instead adopt innovations in good time. All over the world, technological developments are occurring so quickly that those who fail to keep up with the times run a genuine risk of falling behind. You need to innovate when things are going well! In this light, Mr Hamers gave various tips to the numerous partners in the region. These mainly involved adopting technological innovation, ensuring permanent innovation in the broader sense of the term and the most important piece of advice: collaboration when sharing and pooling knowledge.