With the recent establishment of the Queen of Hearts Fund, researchers at Maastricht University are putting the focus on women’s health.

Precisely because cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of mortality among Dutch women, they deserve our full attention.

During pregnancy, which they position as a biological stress test, the researchers will look for previously undetected but well-known risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Identifying these risk factors early on can help to improve and ensure women’s health in both the short and long term. The researchers additionally aim to halve the rate of foetal growth restriction and pre-eclampsia by 2025. Infant mortality due to pre-eclampsia remains at around 4%.

Help from benefactors is very welcome for this research. The UM researchers have therefore asked the University Fund Limburg to set up and manage the Queen of Hearts Fund. Together with the researchers involved and the family members of victims, the foundation hopes to garner strong support from society as well as from the business community.

Would you like to know more about the Queen of Hearts Fund? Go to: https://www.ufl-swol.nl/fonds/queen-hearts-fonds/ or contact Jos Kievits, director of the University Fund Limburg: jos.kievits@maastrichtuniversity.nl/ 043-3882556