On the occasion of his retirement from Maastricht University, on 11 April 2018 the Maastricht University Medallion of Honour was awarded to Jos Kievits, director of Development and Alumni Relations and director of the University Fund Limburg/SWOL. The award recognises his outstanding services to UM, including his dedication to the University Fund and the professionalisation of the alumni policy.

Alumni policy
Kievits led the Department of Development and Alumni Relations for the last nine years. In his first year as director he drew up the policy vision ‘Binding and building’, which describes the university’s alumni policy and helped to further professionalise that policy. A new alumni database and corresponding portal were introduced under Kievits’s leadership. He also established the lecture series ‘UM Star Lectures’, which has developed into an annual tradition attracting more than 1000 alumni.

University Fund Limburg/SWOL
Kievits’s passion for academia increased the visibility of University Fund Limburg and helped it to raise considerable funds, which were put towards education and research projects and enabled faculties, researchers and students to achieve their ambitions. Under his inspired leadership, UM was one of the first Dutch universities to begin fundraising among former students. Further, some 30 Named Funds were established during his tenure under the auspices of the University Fund.

About the UM Medallion

The UM Medallion is a special distinction awarded to employees of Maastricht University who have made an outstanding contribution to the name recognition, reputation or development of UM. It is presented only on the retirement or departure of the employee.