On 11 April last, the board of the Limburg University Fund/SWOL was joined by a new member. Thomas Schok studied Medicine at Maastricht University and is now a surgeon-in-training in the Teaching and Training Region South-East Netherlands (OOR-ZON) (currently at the VieCuri Medical Centre, from 1 July at MUMC+). He has ample experience on boards, having held such positions as the vice-chair of De Jonge Specialist, the professional association for PhD students. The alumni community have a standard representation on the board of Maastricht University’s supporting foundation. Jos Kievits: ‘Alumni are ambassadors for their alma mater’s teaching and research and form an important link to professional practice.’ Schok was a very active member of the academic community even as a student, serving as treasurer of the main student representative body and allowing students the opportunity to excel by organising a competition between Dutch faculties of medicine (the Rosalind Franklin Contest). He is also a former member of the student society Circumflex. He is glad to be able to do something for his alma mater in return.

Schok: ‘I believe it’s great for Maastricht University and also very important that it has a foundation that works to raise funds to facilitate research in this wonderful region. As an alumnus of Maastricht University, I’m happy to contribute.’