brain damage

The Brain Battles Fund (HersenStrijd) is a Named Fund of the University Fund Limburg/SWOL. Brain Battle was founded by the intensive care department of MUMC+ (Dr. Marcel Aries), which carries out research on the treatment of severe brain damage. Because the fund wants to raise awareness about brain damage, it has organised several initiatives, including an art auction.

New event about brain damage

On Saturday 25th of May, Brain Battle organised an event where cyclists with severe brain damage (and their family) told about the impact of their accident on their lives, their rehabilitation and impact on family and social network. Stig Broeckx (professional cyclist), Jelle van Gorkom (professional BMX cyclist) and Nathalie Sieben (recreational cyclist) were interviewed by journalist Wilfried de Jong (famous Dutch radio, TV and theater personality)

The event took place in Kasteel Vliek in Ulestraten (Limburg).

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brain damage event