transgender studies

Research about transgender individuals is important! Imagine waking up in a body that does not feel like it is yours. Imagine having breasts but not wanting them, or imagine desperately wanting to get rid of your Adam’s apple. Before transitioning, these are daily stressors for trans persons, people whose gender identity is incongruent with their sex assigned at birth.

The research line of Mathilde Kennis, PhD at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience of Maastricht University, wants to tie the brain, self-perception and well-being of trans persons together. The method is a series of neuro-imaging and psychological studies. Mathilde: ‘‘We will be investigating the effects of gender affirming hormone treatment and surgery on brain structures related to self-perception in transgender individuals. Moreover, we will follow-up their self-concept, as they become whom they really are through their gender transition. What’s the impact? We will also perform diary studies to track their sexual well-being throughout this period.’’

By funding this research, you help Mathilde create a clearer picture of what these people, who are often poorly understood now, need in order to become their happiest selfs. In addition, you stimulate Maastricht University to be an institute contributing to inclusiveness. Finally yet importantly, you help scientists and transgender individuals understand how our brain and our self are connected.

This crowdfunding campaign will officially go live on platform UM Crowd in August/September 2019. However, you can already contribute to these transgender studies!