Dreams came true for Janique Hupperetz! Thanks to the Jan de Limpens Foundation, in cooperation with our fund, she had the opportunity to follow the master’s programme Biobased Materials at Maastricht University. The recent graduate shares her experiences and future plans in this article.

‘‘I was born and raised at my parent’s agricultural farm. Growing up in this environment made me aware of sustainability aspects, such as the circular economy, at an early age. This is one of the main reasons that I wanted to participate in the Biobased Materials programme. Luckily, the Jan de Limpens Foundation made this possible for me!’’


Sustainability and sugar beets

‘‘I absolutely enjoyed the master’s programme, which focused on the development of sustainable materials inspired by the molecular structures available in nature. What I especially appreciated during my studies were the short reports that I wrote for my portfolio. The topic of my portfolio was ‘sugar beets’ and I connected this subject to every single course I followed. In this way, I was able to combine the material science and chemistry into the benefit of the agricultural sector.

This study has raised my awareness about the use of renewable resources to produce ‘greener’ materials. Therefore, I am determined to continue researching to contribute to a more sustainable society in the future, in order to battle against climate change.’’


A special internship

‘‘At the end of my master’s, I performed my internship at TNO/Brightlands Materials Center at the department ‘Additive Manufacturing’. I researched and developed several (partially) biobased resins, which can be used as 3D-printing materials. These renewable materials can contribute to a decreased fossil resource depletion and can have positive impacts on the carbon footprint of the Additive Manufacturing field. My thesis was rewarded with an 8.5, indicating that, as a special highlight, I graduated ‘cum laude’ for my master study!’’


What’s next?
‘‘I am very excited that I was approached by TNO/Brightlands Materials Center with a job offer as ‘junior scientist colloid chemistry and coatings’. I will participate in the research and development of solar panels and thermochromic coatings for windows of buildings, in order to reduce the power drain of buildings. I am very grateful that I had – and still have – the opportunity to follow my ambitions/dreams and I would like to thank the Jan de Limpens Foundation one more time for enabling this!’’