As you may know, we are rebuilding our investment portfolio. The new, more sustainable portfolio complies among others with the universal values and standards of the United Nations and the sustainability policy of Maastricht University. To this end, we also recently signed the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge of the not-for-profit organisation Tobacco Free Portfolios. This pledge promotes tobacco-free finance and comprehensive tobacco control. By signing it, we want to contribute to a more sustainable, healthier (financial) world.

You can find more information about the pledge on this website.


Dr. Bronwyn King, CEO of Tobacco Free Portfolios: “We congratulate and warmly welcome our first Dutch university as our newest signatory to the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge, an initiative now backed by 156 financial institutions in 21 countries with combined US$11 trillion AUM.  We hope this decision by Universiteitsfonds Limburg/SWOL will encourage other financial institutions and universities across Europe to also make this commitment, which is now a mainstream action for the finance sector, so we can build a tobacco-free future and save one billion lives this century.”