In June 2020, a new special chair was set up at Maastricht University, in which specific instruments will be developed and implemented for the assessment of social-emotional abilities from scholars between 10 and 14 years old. This special chair will be administered by the University Fund Limburg/SWOL and will be coordinated for at least 5 years by Professor Trudie Schils (Maasrtricht University; 0,2 fte). She is also programme manager of Educatieve Agenda Limburg.


In honour of Mr. Solberg

The financing of this chair comes from the former Solberg-Verlinden Foundation. This foundation was founded by the late Mr J.W. Solberg, the first director of Cito, and his wife. This new chair aims to maintain the ideas of Mr. Solberg – namely objectification in the assessment of study results – and to expand them towards social-emotional abilities, which become increasingly important for following a successful (education) path.