We would like to give you some information about the processing of your personal data. The Limburg University Fund/SWOL (UFL) relies on your contribution to reach its objective of securing funds for academic research at Maastricht University (UM). Your assistance is very much appreciated, and is vital to helping us achieve our goals. To build mutual trust, we want to provide you with transparent information about how we handle your personal data.

We are responsible for your personal data
The UFL is responsible for processing your personal data, and it is important to us that we handle your data with care. This means that we treat your personal data as confidential, that we have put security measures in place to protect your data from loss, unauthorised access and theft and that we will delete your data if we no longer need it.

When do we receive your personal data?
To fund research, we rely on our donors and volunteers, amongst others. For example, if you make a donation to our fund, we process your name, address and account number. These data are necessary to register and process your donation. If you support the UFL in any other capacity, we likewise collect your data for administrative purposes.

Your personal data will also be processed if you use any of our services. This includes contacting our team by email or telephone or signing up for our newsletter. In this case, we process your name, telephone number and email address, amongst other things.

We use your personal data to achieve our mission
We use your personal data in order to process donations. We may also use your data to optimise our services or spread our message more widely. Furthermore, we retain data because we have an obligation to do so under financial and tax laws.

We process only the personal data that are necessary to be able to process donations or that contribute to achieving our mission.
In concrete terms, we process your personal data so that we can:

  • process and manage your donation
  • perform administrative tasks related to your work as a volunteer
  • inform you about new campaigns and ask for further donations
  • give you information about your work as a volunteer
  • keep track of who we can and cannot approach for our campaigns
  • enable our financial administrators to perform their tasks and comply with our statutory financial and tax obligations
  • test and improve the quality of our services, e.g. by understanding how our team operates and our online presence in the community
  • perform market research, so we can better tailor our services to the needs of our stakeholders
  • collect web statistics and facilitate social media sharing
  • recruit new collectors and volunteers
  • handle any disputes
  • exercise internal and external control over our services.

In order to keep you informed about new campaigns and ask you for future donations, the UFL also uses its donors’ email addresses to contact you through social media channels, such as Facebook. We only do so if you have given us permission to use your email address. If you would rather we did not, you can always ask us to delete your email address from our address file. We do not use your data for any purposes other than those listed above.

The UFL does not sell your personal data to third parties
We sometimes share personal data within partnerships if doing so is necessary to perform our mission. In certain cases, we also use suppliers’ IT systems, meaning that it is possible the supplier will have temporary access to the system where your personal data are processed. In all cases, we ensure that these ‘third parties’ have sufficient safeguards in place with regard to privacy and security.

We do not keep your personal data for longer than necessary
Your personal data are not retained for longer than necessary. We aim to destroy donors’ personal data as soon as we no longer require it to achieve our goals. Some data are retained due to a financial and/or tax obligation. If that is the case, your data will be retained for seven years. When that time is up, we will make sure your personal data are safely deleted.

Your rights with regard to your personal data

  1. You have a right to request access to and rectification or deletion of your personal data.
  2. You have a ‘right to object’. This means you can object to the use of your data by the UFL for charitable purposes. This includes the use of your data for our campaigns or any other use of your data due to special personal circumstances on your part. You always have the option of making a complaint about the use of personal data by the UFL in a general sense, either to the board of our fund or to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. If you make a request, we will first assess whether we can attend to it. We will not be able to attend to your request if we cannot establish your identity or if you have recently made a similar request (within the last six months). If we do attend to your request, there are a number of situations in which we might have to refuse it. For example, we will refuse a request if it is outweighed by the need to protect the rights of third parties.

This might happen if you request access to the personal data of other people. If we reject your request, we will explain in writing why we cannot comply with the request. You might disagree with our decision relating to a request for access, rectification or deletion or an objection. If so, you have the right to make a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority: https://autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/

You can unsubscribe from campaigns and newsletters
If you have made a donation, we may use your address, email address or telephone number to give you information about our plans and activities. We could do this by post, email or telephone. In every email or after every telephone conversation, we will include an opportunity to opt out of this form of communication. You can also send an email to info@ufl-swol.nl to unsubscribe from any of our communication channels, or you can use this form on our website.

Our websites contain third-party links
On our website, you will sometimes see links to the websites of third parties. We recommend you read the privacy statement of any website you visit from our website. We take no responsibility for how third-party websites handle your personal data.


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  • We have an editor agreement with Google.
  • We mask the last part of your IP address.
  • We do not share the analytics data with other third parties.
  • We don’t use other Google services in combination with Analytics.

If you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Statement or about how our fund handles personal data, you can send your questions to:
Limburg University Fund/SWOL
Minderbroedersberg 4-6
6211 LM Maastricht
Of course, you can also send us your questions via email: info@ufl-swol.nl

Changes to our Privacy Statement
We reserve the right to amend our Privacy Statement, so you should check our Privacy Statement regularly for changes to our policy. Version 1.0 (May 2018)