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In 2018 the next projects received a grant from The University Fund Limburg


  • For the second time the fund contributed to participate in the Maastricht University Cheerleading Europeans 2018. The event toke place in Helsinki, where the team represented Maastricht University and the Netherlands. The public was treated to spontaneous performances during travelling at the railway station and airport. The show was a fantastic experience for the whole team and was awarded with the 8th prize.


  • The Fund provided a financial contribution to an edition of the periodical magazine “the election flux” that was issued for the election of city council of Maastricht 2018.
  • The Fund provided a financial contribution organizing a week Sustainability in April, in order to promote, sustainability throughout Maastricht. A broad variety of lectures, workshop, and excursions to film screenings were presented. The events were well attended and very were stimulating for every visitor.
  • The European Conference (EC) is an event that takes place once a year organized by UAEM Maastricht (Universities Allied for Essential Medicines). Chapters from different cities and countries around the world, particularly from European countries, came together in order to exchange experiences, ideas and goals. This year, the Maastricht chapter was selected to organize and host the annual European Conference. After 6 months of preparation, from the 20th to 22nd of April 2018, UAEM Maastricht finally welcomed 43 chapters from 13 different countries in our beautiful city Maastricht.
  • May 8, 2018 the first Veritas Forum Maastricht took place. Professor of jurisprudence at Leiden University and philosopher Paul Cliteur debated on the meaning of Western identity and the place of religion in today’s society with young, progressive theologian Alain Verheij. It was a succesful evening visited by approximately 110 people. See: