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Sometimes, people, institutions or companies would like to spur on a certain development or reward exceptional achievements with a prize. Prizes can be awarded for theses, dissertations or other achievements that benefit UM, the academic world or societal development. They give sponsors the chance to become personally involved and, at request, their name can be attached to the set goal.

Dissertation prize
This is an annual academic prize awarded to the best PhD dissertation at Maastricht University. The Faculty Board annually nominates 5 or 6 dissertations. The dissertation prize is supported by the Professor’s Fund. The prize is awarded during the Dies Natalis.

Volarisation Award
Maastricht University and the University Fund Limburg awarded the first valorisation award in 2014. Since then, all Maastricht PhD candidates have been asked to add a brief chapter on the valorisation value of their research. In other words: how does this research benefit society? Under the guidance and supervision of Rector Magnificus Rianne Letschert, an expert jury review some 350 dissertation defences annually.   The award consists of a €3,000 prize and a small statue and will be presented during the University Dinner in April every year.