We proudly present the Annual Report 2022!
The publication offers a glimpse of our programmes, activities and events, packed in an interactive online version and offline edition – which we gladly take with us when we visit our (future) partners. Amongst others, you can read about the UM Dinner with a wonderful new concept, the annual For Each Other campaign, the brand new Inclusion and Equity Programme, the important relationship with UM alumni, our increasingly sustainable investment policy and the societal crowdfunding campaigns of 2022.

‘We live in an extraordinary world, where revolutionary developments seem to follow each other faster and faster. 2022 was a special year, with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical tensions, wars, refugee policy debates, natural disasters, the nitrogen and energy crises, and recession. We did our best to make a difference ‘within our own circle of influence’. – Director Bouwien Janssen in the foreword

A special thanks goes out to our valued partners and donors. With their support, we are able to realise the wonderful societal projects and activities you can read about in the annual report. Together we can build the bridge between society and the UM, and help the university’s research and education take an important step forward. Here is to another wonderful year, full of opportunities!

Read it here: Annual Report 2022