A small book of great value: Jean Guyot’s Minervalia. It is one of the oldest comedy books printed in Maastricht. Worldwide only five copies are known. In 1554, the printer Jacob Baethen produced something unique: a Maastricht-printed book with a special, humoristic story!

A good home for a special book
We want to dedicate the Minervalia to students and researchers in this region. But most of all, this valuable and rare book should be available to everyone – including to you. The Maastricht University Library can offer this valuable and rare book a good home.

Getting the Minervalia to Maastricht
Unfortunately, the Minervalia is no longer present in Maastricht. Only with your help, we can bring it back via the antiquarian ASHER Rare Books, for the price of 12.500 euros. Will you help us bring the Minervalia back? 

Culture from Maastricht, belongs in Maastricht!

Please click here to visit UM Crowd, the crowdfunding platform of Maastricht University, where you can find more information.