At the end of 2021, CARIM supported the Queen of Hearts Fund with a wonderful contribution of €25,000. CARIM is the research institute for cardiovascular diseases at Maastricht University.

The department stimulates crowdfunding campaigns, and thus the active connection with society. For example, it uses the so-called ‘doubler’ for one campaign every year. CARIM then doubles the amount of €25,000 the moment the campaign itself has acquired that amount.

In the past period, the Queen of Hearts Fund has carried out a very successful crowdfunding campaign. Together with the amount from CARIM, a total of €53,000 was raised.

The Queen of Hearts Fund is committed to research in cardiovascular disease among women. In recent years, a large community of external parties has emerged that is committed to supporting this important social theme. The Queen of Hearts Fund thanks CARIM for this great support!

More info about our crowdfunding campaigns at UM Crowd.