Assistant Professor Annemieke Klijn wrote an interesting report about the role of the University Fund Limburg/SWOL in the establishment of Maastricht University. With her permission, we will present the report to you, divided into six short chapters. This is the fourth part. Here are part 1 and part 2 and part 3.


A divided Van Walsum Committee

”In the course of 1968, the Van Walsum Committee presented its recommendations to the minister of Education and Science, the KVP member Gerard Veringa. The committee argued that an eighth medical faculty in the Netherlands needed to be set up indeed. Opinions continued to differ on its location, however. Just four committee members favoured Maastricht, while the other ten members favoured linking the new medical faculty to an existing institution of higher education in Twente, Eindhoven or Tilburg. This made it possible for Veringa to do as he pleased in response to the advice. This in turn implied that SWOL had to step up its lobby.”


Text: Annemieke Klijn (Assistant Professor & Curator Art and Heritage Committee, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University)


Here is chapter five: ‘Action! Action! The eighth medical faculty in Maastricht’.