Davy Pieters is alumnus of the School of Business and Economics/Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of Maastricht University. What is the story behind his contribution to our ‘For Each Other 2020’ campaign?


Davy: “I look back at my time at Maastricht University with a lot of warm feelings. The UM has formed me as a person and changed my perception of the world and about life in general. With the knowledge I gained there, I want to contribute to our society in an active way. I therefore deliberately chose to start working for the government after my studies. First at national and EU level, by now at municipal level, as a team manager Economic Development at the municipality of Sittard-Geleen.”

“I love to see the UM actively participating in the development of the province of Limburg – for example, with the projects in the ‘For Each Other 2020’ campaign. I really want to support this kind of initiatives, because they really help society to move forward. Therefore, I donated to scholarships for less advantaged students, a project against loneliness, research into children and healthy food, and an aftercare instrument for recovering COVID-19 patients. Please support these projects as well, because all donations – big or small – could make the difference.”


Do you also want to contribute to the ‘For Each Other 2020’ campaign? Please visit www.umcrowd.nl!