A safe place to live… it’s something many people take for granted, but certainly not war refugees! Together with Maastricht residents and students, RPM is initiates activities that contribute to a feeling of safety, a sense of community and mutual respect.

The Refugee Project Maastricht (RPM) considers it vital that refugees from war zones feel at home in Maastricht. By actively facilitating contact between refugees, Maastricht residents and students, RPM hopes to strengthen their resilience and enhance their sense of safety.  Through its efforts – providing language education, assistance with homework, sports and social activities, and coming together to make music and work with ‘buddies’ – RPM has seen how these self-sufficient newcomers quickly attain a feeling of belonging within Dutch society, and the Maastricht community specifically.

While the process may seem straightforward, it takes a great deal of time to build a new life for oneself. Spending time together during various activities and conversations represents the start of new possibilities. The funds we raise with the 2018 Duck Race will be used to involve the people of Maastricht (families and children) in our projects even more actively than before. We feel certain that the more people join our activities, the more trust and mutual respect there will be. Your support will help us to finance our activities in the coming five-year period while also supporting us in our efforts to contribute – with you and students – to a safe new home for refugees here in Maastricht.

The Refugee Project Maastricht is an initiative of The InnBetween (the University Chaplaincy) in cooperation with Maastricht University and with the support of the Municipality of Maastricht. The project was launched in February 2015 with the intent to build bridges between the refugees from countries threatened by war on the one hand, and students and the local population of Maastricht on the other.

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Buy your duck(s) online for €5 each and support the activities carried out by the Refugee Project Maastricht in order to realise a sense of home in Maastricht for war refugees: koopjeduck.nl/refugees