In the past year, the University Fund Limburg has provided support to 57 research projects, conferences and other initiatives. Thanks to a total of €140,000 in grants, researchers were able to start their projects, making them better able to compete for larger grants at the national or European level and allowing them to launch initiatives that could not have taken place otherwise. For instance, the Fund facilitated the purchase of Academic Heritage, which will serve as the basis for many future research projects, and also awarded a grant to support an international moot court. Of this year’s total of 75 applications, the majority came from the Faculty of Law and from Health, Medicine and Life Sciences.

The University Fund is proud that each year, with the support of businesses and foundations, lecturers, alumni and private individuals, it is able to assist Maastricht University in its mission to encourage talent, develop its international profile and retain its position at the forefront of research.

In 2018, there will once again be four instances at which we will prompt UM academic staff to submit grant applications. Do you have ambitions in this area? Be sure to keep an eye on our website!