Your donation, big or small, makes a difference

Science and education are inextricably linked to universities, but also to progress and sustainable developments. From the discovery of DNA and antibiotics to the development of new energy sources and the finding of solutions for the world food problem, science and education provide the building blocks for a better world in the future.

Maastricht University is one of the world’s best universities, and our scientists, researchers and students work on the further and sustainable development of our society for future generations every day.

We undertake these endeavours on your behalf, though we would rather work on them together with you. A gift to Maastricht University is a way to personally contribute to the funding of ground-breaking research, allow the university to attract the best scientists to Maastricht and give students, regardless of their background and origin, an opportunity to study. Your gift, however small, will make a large difference.

Giving the gift of knowledge

With your donation, you let talent flourish and contribute to sustainable solutions for society today and in the future.

Alumni and private individuals

Do you keep warm memories or have good experiences with the Maastricht University? Are you interested in specific research or are you looking to invest in the international character of the university? Your commitment is invaluable to us. As a donor of the University Fund Limburg, you help the university to remain a successful scientific institute. With your contribution, small or large, we help talented students to realize their ambitions, create special facilities for education and research and contribute to the preservation of academic heritage in Maastricht.

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Named Fund

For those donors considering a bigger gift and who also have specific ideas about the allocation of their donation, a Named Fund can be set up. A named fund can be personalised and dedicated to someone you love.



With a donation to the University Fund you will personally contribute to the funding of ground breaking research, enable Maastricht University to attract the best scientists and provide talented ambitious students, regardless of their origin and background, with the opportunity to pursue an academic career.


Legacies and bequests

Have you ever considered the fact that even after your death, you are able to support the causes that you hold dear? By leaving a bequest in your will to the University Fund Limburg you will leave a tax free legacy for the generations to come.


Alumni @ UM

For Maastricht University alumni, Maastricht will always feel like home, whatever you will do and wherever you may go. With the Alumni Community you stay connected to your old university, keep in touch with fellow alumni, and expand your professional network.

Companies and institutes

The University Fund Limburg/SWOL spans a bridge between science and the business sector. Involvement of both sides is vital for national/international knowledge valorisation and investment in the regional and euroregional economies and knowledge economies. Many companies have already underscored the importance of this connection by financially supporting researchers and students. The fund is constantly seeking new partners who wish to develop a relationship with Maastricht University, offering various options for them to achieve this ambition.


Partner Progamme

Especially for your company, we have put together a partnership programme that connects you with UM for at least 2 years. In this way, you demonstrate your commitment to UM, as well as create a win-win situation. After all, you and your employees will benefit from all the knowledge, talent and networks that the university has in-house.

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Does your company lack the expertise, or simply the time to carry out specific research that is absolute necessary for developing your business? Maastricht University could prove to be a valuable partner.




Access to an education is more important than ever. Maastricht University is therefore committed to raise scholarships for students, regardless of their background and origin. Donate a scholarship today and help transform someone’s life in the best way possible.