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Friends of the University Fund

The Limburg University Fund believes strongly in investing in a stimulating and active student community. Since student organisations and clubs play an important role in the student community, the Limburg University Fund/SWOL launched the ’Friends of the University Fund’ campaign in 2015.

For a contribution of €10 a year, new students can become donors of the University Fund and are free to decide whether their contribution is to go towards the University Fund itself or if the University Fund is to transfer it to an association or student society of the donor’s choice. If the amount of the donation is gifted to an association, the University Fund will match this amount in the first year, allowing funds, with a significant surplus, to flow directly back to the student community.

    Yes, I want to become a friend of the University Fund Limburg

    I hereby authorize the University Fund Limburg for an annual (at least three consecutive years) withdrawal of €10, until further notice.
    With this form you authorize the University Fund Limburg to withdraw the indicated amount from your bank account. There is a thirty day grace period during which you can undo this transaction, should you change your mind.