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Stay involved with your alma mater!

UMbassadors is a group formed in 2015 by a number of dedicated alumni who are in a position and wish to do more for their Alma Mater, and have committed to making an annual donation of €500 for a period of at least five years.

Contributions from the UMbassadors are deposited in the Alumni Fund, which falls under the Limburg University Fund/SWOL and is managed by a committee of alumni who make donations.

The Alumni Fund supports scientific research at UM and focuses mainly on projects with a positive social impact that bring together science and tomorrow’s entrepreneurship.

More than just donors

Maastricht University thanks its UMbassadors for their dedication and sense of involvement and wishes to further strengthen its bond with this special group of donors. Consequently, the university has compiled an attractive package of quid pro quos especially for our UMbassadors. As a UMbassador:

  • you and a guest will be invited to attend an annual UMbassador event;
  • you will receive our newsletter twice a year;
  • the Executive Board may ask you to join an alumni sounding-board group focused on administrative renewal.

Yes, I want to become an ambassador

Would you like to follow the example of many others and make more of a difference for your Alma Mater by becoming a member of the UMbassadors? If so, please get in touch with director Bouwien Janssen-Kuijpers via 0031- 43-3882765 or