Responsibility for the climate issue no longer lies with administrators and policymakers alone. Many businesses are formulating ambitious targets for climate-neutral operation and are positioning themselves as ‘green’. For many institutional investors sustainability has now become an integral part of their investment philosophy. The green bonds with which businesses, banks and public or semi-public institutions can fund their sustainability investments are the most important innovation.

These investments are interesting for both borrowers and lenders – with an attractive rate of interest on the one hand and the socially responsible character and low risk on the other. Despite the flying start some research questions remain, such as, will the proceeds of these green bonds actually be used for sustainability investments? This integrity issue may have an impact on the reputation of lenders for whom the sustainability objectives were a leading factor in this financial decision.

Professor of Real Estate Financing Piet Eichholtz and Nils Kok received financial support for this labour-intensive research from the Peter Thijssen Fund and expect to a in early 2019. The Peter Thijssen Fund, founded in memory of the former director of ING Bank Nederland, has as its objectives supporting scientific research or recognising university initiatives that serve to promote financial integrity in society.

Further information is available on our website at or from the director of the University Fund Limburg, Mrs Bouwien Janssen-Kuijpers, or 0031 6 40 79 28 18