The University Fund Limburg/SWOL provides a variety of grants and scholarships to students of Maastricht University (UM). To this end, we cooperate with a wide range of organisations and private benefactors. We are pleased to announce that we have recently joined forces with a new scholarship provider: Candriam.


When studying is not a given

Candriam — short for ‘Conviction AND Responsibility In Asset Management’ — is a sustainable asset manager and investment firm. The company has committed to contributing to society by offering scholarships to young people for whom attending university is not a given.


Candriam is targeting first-generation students (young people whose parents do not have a university education) who wish to study at the School of Business and Economics. The scholarships are aimed at students applying for a study programme in Candriam’s professional sphere of finance or economics, with a view to helping recipients as they embark on their career and build their professional network. A total of nine scholarships are offered, for both bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes.

We thank Candriam for their trust and look forward to working with them!


Find out more or apply

More information about Candriam and the scholarships can be found on the UM website (in English).