University Fund Limburg

The mission of the Limburg University Fund/SWOL is to support scientific research and education at Maastricht University. As one of the cornerstones of a better future for generations to come, science deserves that support.


Scholarship Story: Maureen and Joëlle

Maureen Alkema and Joëlle Tillij received a scholarship from the Kanunnik Salden/Nieuwenhof Foundation to study at the University College Maastricht (UCM). How do they like their studies? Are there any highlights so far? And what would they like to say to other future (scholarship) students? Here is a short Q&A.   How do you like…

Grants for staff members and students

Call for all staff members and students of Maastricht University! The University Fund Limburg/SWOL awards grants again to your creative and innovative (research) projects, activities and events. Make sure you apply before 21 May 2021. You can find more information on this webpage.

Crowdfunding Sjacko Sobczak is official charity during Amstel Gold Race

No one less than female cycling team SD Worx is going to support the crowdfunding campaign of Dr. Sjacko Sobczak! Currently, Sjacko is acquiring financial recourses via the platform UM Crowd of the University Fund Limburg/SWOL in order to develop the TRADE-interview, which contributes to dignified care for people who suffer from dementia and PSTD.…

Grant contributes to physics research

How would you spend a grant from our fund? Jacco de Vries, Assistant Professor of Physics at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, received funding in 2019. He shares his experiences in a short report.   Jacco: ‘‘Fundamental physics research at Maastricht University started in 2018. An example is the LHCb experiment, in which I…

Scholarship Story: Eva, Ruben and Aylin

Last year, Eva Despesse, Ruben Marchal and Aylin Güney received a Jo Ritzen Scholarship to study at Maastricht University. How do they like their studies? Are there any highlights so far? And what would they like to say to other future (scholarship) students?   Eva (Economics and Business Economics year 3): ‘‘I really like studying…

New scholarship provider: Candriam

The University Fund Limburg/SWOL provides a variety of grants and scholarships to students of Maastricht University (UM). To this end, we cooperate with a wide range of organisations and private benefactors. We are pleased to announce that we have recently joined forces with a new scholarship provider: Candriam.   When studying is not a given…

All about… our scholarships

Did you know that the University Fund Limburg/SWOL offers various scholarships together with partner organisations and private benefactors? Below you receive an overview of our scholarships at this moment. Please click on the links for more information. Jo Ritzen Scholarship Kanunnik Salden/Nieuwenhof Scholarship Noord-Limburg Region Scholarship Jan de Limpens Scholarship Candriam Scholarship These scholarship programmes…

Scholarship Story: Charmayne

‘‘Charmayne, last year you received a scholarship from the Jan de Limpens Foundation in collaboration with our fund, to study the master’s programme Biobased Materials. How do you like it?’’   Charmayne: ‘‘I like this master’s programme very much! I gained my bachelor’s degree in chemical technology at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in…

Apply now for the Amrapali Zaveri Awards

Call for all UM data scientists: apply now for the Amrapali Zaveri Awards for Early Career Data Scientist and for Data Science. These awards are financially supported by our fund. They will be rewarded during the online Women in Data Science Conference on 9 March 2021. Applications are still open, so check the requirements and…

Let’s talk!

How can we create a lifelong bond with the student community of Maastricht University? And how can we encourage them to give back and support the (societal) ambitions of their university? Let’s ask the students themselves! Last week, our senior advisor Guido Vanderbroeck, office and events manager Miranda Klingenstijn and communications officer Milou Schreuders discussed…

Another successful workshop!

‘‘Crowdfunding is not all about funding, but also about marketing and creating (long-term) involvement.’’ It’s one of the takeaway messages from the online ‘Crowdfunding @UM: How to create a successful campaign?’, organised by the Maastricht Platform for Community-Engaged Research. Our senior advisor Guido Vanderbroeck hosted this workshop last week. He was supported by Esther van Barneveld, who set up…

Donor in the spotlights: Davy Pieters

Davy Pieters is alumnus of the School of Business and Economics/Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of Maastricht University. What is the story behind his contribution to our ‘For Each Other 2020’ campaign?   Davy: “I look back at my time at Maastricht University with a lot of warm feelings. The UM has formed me…


Science and education are inextricably linked to universities, but also to progress and sustainable developments. From the discovery of DNA and antibiotics to the development of new energy sources and the finding of solutions for the world food problem, science and education provide the building blocks for a better world in the future.

Maastricht University is one of the world’s best universities, and our scientists, researchers and students work on the further and sustainable development of our society for future generations every day.


We undertake these endeavours on your behalf, though we would rather work on them together with you. A gift to Maastricht University is a way to personally contribute to the funding of ground-breaking research, allow UM to attract the best scientists to Maastricht and give students, regardless of their background and origin, an opportunity to study. Your gift, however small, will make a large difference.



Young scientists

The Alumni Fund supports scientific research at UM and focuses mainly on projects with a positive social impact that bring together science and tomorrow’s entrepreneurship.


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Scientific projects

About to start with a particular research project? Are you setting up a special, enduring cooperation between with foreign sister institutions or are you organizing a conference? The fund may help you realize your ambitions!

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Do you have an idea that is beneficial to the student community of Maastricht University? The fund supports activities organized by students for students who are new or special and of lasting significance.

About us

The Limburg University Fund/SWOL originated from the Foundation for Higher Education in Limburg (Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs Limburg, abbreviated to SWOL). This foundation stood at the basis of Maastricht University (UM), which developed from the Rijksuniversiteit Limburg.

The University Fund has contributed to Maastricht University as it is now; the most international university in the Netherlands, standing out for its innovative approach to learning and international outlook. Next to building bridges between academia and industry, the University Fund has continuously played a pivotal role in the realisation of the ambitions of students, researchers and teachers.