On Sunday May 13th, Mother’s Day, the Duckrace took place in the Stadspark Maastricht. Visitors of the race who wanted to buy duck on the day itself came out disappointed. This year the event was sold out completely a day in advance! Good news for the charities and the organizing party Round Table 174.

This year a campaign was ran by a team from the University Fund and the UM in order to promote the Refugee Project Maastricht (RPM). This noble student-driven initiative was one of the main beneficiaries of this year, next to Animal’s Faith. World famous violinist Andre Rieu, who supports RPM, launched the first race together with a team of volunteers and refugees representing RPM. With this event, we’ve managed to secure €16.174 for this project. Claudia Sarti, person in charge at RPM expressed enormous gratitude for both the proceeds and the awareness for war refugees in Maastricht.

Fotocredits ©Laurens Bouvrie

Initiated by The InnBetween in collaboration with Maastricht University, Refugee Project Maastricht is supported by the Municipality of Maastricht. RPM was created with a vision to build bridges between refugees from conflict zones on the one hand and students and the local Maastricht population on the other.