The University Fund Limburg awards grants to scientific projects to promote research and education at Maastricht University, stimulate international cooperation and intensify the relationship of the university with her social and local environment.

With respect to these objectives the University Funds subsidizes both scientific projects as student activities.

Scientific projects

The University Fund Limburg/SWOL (UFL) focuses its activities on strengthening the relationship between UM and society and supporting socially-orientated projects. In this context, the UFL annually awards grants to UM employees for research and education projects and the organisation of events.

An independent committee, the Grants Committee, evaluates the submitted proposals three times a year on the basis of predetermined criteria. The committee consists of faculty representatives, among others.

Student activities

The University Fund considers a blossoming academic community to be essential as it is a precondition for good academic and education performance and for the national and international reputation of Maastricht University.

Furthermore, the University Fund believes that students and the organised contributions they make for each other and for their university are the backbone of Maastricht University’s academic community.

For this reason, the fund wishes to support activities organised by students, for students that are original and/or extraordinary, benefit the student community and are of lasting value to the university community. These activities boost the spirit of community within the university. The fund also recognises the value of official representation of Maastricht’s university community both in the Netherlands and abroad, at national and international official events.


Do you have an ambitious academic or student project in mind, yet lack part or all of the financial resources that it requires? The University Fund Limburg/SWOL provides an innovative way of obtaining the money: crowdfunding. To this end, we have launched an online platform: UM Crowd. If the project meets the conditions below and if you are interested in crowdfunding, then register the project below.

When is a project appropriate for crowdfunding?
  • The project has a concrete and/or tangible goal
  • The project is ‘soft’
  • The project contributes to the profiling of Maastricht University
  • The project has a clear sense of urgency
  • The project has a feasible deadline and realistic target amount (max. 50.000 euro)
  • The project/the project owner has a large network (crowd)
  • The project has a clear target group
  • The project can go ‘live’ in 2-3 months
  • The project team has enough time available to actively execute a crowdfunding project