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Terms, Conditions and Application

The grants are intended for:

  • (Scientific) staff of Maastricht University

Requirements and applications

  • Proposals must contribute to the research or education activities of UM (faculty, school or department). The Committee considers the interests of UM and the priorities that it has set itself as more important than the applicant’s personal interest in a project. When an application is submitted, we therefore require a letter from the dean or scientific director of the School explaining why the project that has been submitted is a high priority for UM. Clearly, the financial contribution to the project made by the faculty/school/department (excluding staffing costs) demonstrates to the Assessment Committee that the project has a high priority.
  • The Committee uses the funding assigned to it to help in situations where the standard funding for a project is clearly inadequate and where, by providing a grant, the fund can enable the applicant to do something that was deemed to be financially impossible.
  • The Committee is particularly interested in UM research that takes place on the four Limburg campuses, and in supporting and facilitating innovative study programmes (e.g. sciences, bio materials, big data and smart services, etc.).
  • The Committee believes that collaboration and sharing of knowledge with other academics is important. In this context, the Committee is also keen to support the organisation of conferences/symposiums that serve to raise the profile of UM.
  • The Committee is particularly interested in and will provide additional support for interdisciplinary or interfaculty research.
  • Subject to the above, in view of their vulnerable position, the Committee will give priority to the provision of financial support to researchers who have obtained their PhD within the last six years.
  • Proposals that involve the establishment of collaboration with another institution/university may be supported, provided that they include concrete plans (with justification) for the next few years. Both institutions must write a letter indicating that they support these plans.
  • Costs associated with participation in a conference will only be eligible for a grant if the applicant is an invited/keynote speaker.
  • If the budget for an activity is not in balance, the parties taking part in the activity must make a contribution themselves. Where justified, this requirement may be waived.


  • Grant applications must be submitted using the appropriate application form. Please attach a letter from the dean/head of department explaining why your project has a high priority for your faculty/department/UM.
  • All applicants will receive a letter indicating the outcome of their application shortly after the meeting of the Committee.

The following are not eligible for funding

  • student study visits, attending board meetings of international student organisations and conferences
  • work visits, study visits or work placements, as these do not contribute sufficiently to raising the international profile of UM
  • cultural/culinary aspects of conferences to be organised
  • regular events and meetings for which a grant has been received in the past (maximum of three grants per project)
  • costs associated with a PhD track. The Grants Committee assumes that, other than in exceptional situations, these costs were covered at the start of the PhD track.

Deadlines and meetings of the Grants Committee in 2020

  • Deadline for round 4 of 2020: Friday 13 November 2020 (activity/project takes place after 1 January 2021)

Apply for a grant now!

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