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Terms, conditions and application

This page provides information regarding which grants you can apply for, as well as when and how to apply.


Who can apply for a grant?

All (scientific) staff members at UM.


For which activities can you apply for a grant?
  • To fund research and education projects.
  • For the organisation of conferences and workshops that have an academic objective and/or reflect the social relevance of the field in question.


What makes your project or event eligible for a grant?

Important: check in advance whether your project or event is eligible for a grant!


What else do you need to know?
  • The UFL’s commitments are always in the form of guaranteed grants. This means that if the actual costs are lower than the contribution pledged by the UFL, no more will be paid out than the actual costs.
  • For scientific projects, approximately €42,500 is available for each round with a maximum of €7,500 per application.
  • For events, €12,500 is available for each round with a maximum of €2,500 per event.


When is the deadline for grant applications?

The upcoming deadlines are:

  • 1st round – deadline for submission 9 February 2024.
  • 2nd round – deadline for submission 24 May 2024.
  • 3rd round – deadline for submission 20 September 2024.


How can you apply for a grant?
  • For scientific projects: use the ‘application form for scientific project’, see below.
  • For events: use the ‘application form for event’, see below.


Email the application to You will receive a confirmation of receipt when you submit your application.

Please note that submissions received after the deadline are not eligible. This also applies to incomplete applications and applications that do not meet the conditions. In this case, the completed or corrected application may be resubmitted to the committee in a subsequent round.


When will you be notified?

Within one week after the meeting of the Grants Committee, you will receive written notification of the results. The meeting dates for 2024 are Tuesday 5 March, Tuesday 18 June and Tuesday 15 October.

Apply for a grant now!

Application Research-Education Project 2024

Application Event 2024

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