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Terms, conditions and application

What are the subsidy conditions?
Activities become eligible for a subsidy based on the following criteria:

  1.  The activity must be original or extraordinary.
  2.  The activity must involve multidisciplinary, involve various faculties or student organisations.
  3.  The activity must be of lasting benefit to the solidarity between students or between students and the university.
  4.  The activity must benefit a substantially large group of UM students. An exception to this criterion can be made for exceptional individual results.
  5.  The  activity can also be participation on behalf of the UM to official national or international (sporting) events or Championships (Dutch or European Championships).
  6.  The organizing association and/or participants in the activity must make a financial contribution themselves and/or have acquired other subsidies or sources of sponsorship. The University Fund will appreciate any efforts you have made to secure funding elsewhere.

Subsidies cannot be granted if:
a.    Participants gain ECTS credits from the activity. If ECTS credits can be gained from the activity, the fund will consider the activity to be part of the study programme and the UM/faculty must make a contribution. The fund will therefore not contribute.
b.    The activity relates to regular operating costs and regular activities (annual or otherwise) of study associations or student associations. These must be funded by the faculty and by contributions/subscriptions. The fund will therefore not contribute.
c.    The application is made retrospectively. You must therefore ensure your application is submitted on time. See the application deadlines indicated elsewhere.

Publicity for Limburg University Fund
It is also a condition that every subsidy must generate publicity for the Limburg University Fund/SWOL. Details on this matter will be included in the grant letter that you receive after an application is accepted.

Guaranteed subsidies
The subsidies awarded by CooSa are guaranteed subsidies. CooSa gives the guarantee that you will receive a predetermined sum to set off the deficit, on the condition that the expected deficit is appears in your budget. This means that before the subsidy can be transferred, you must provide a written account following the conclusion of the activity. If the deficit proves less than expected, the subsidy you receive will also be lower. If the deficit is more than expected, you will not receive anything above the predetermined sum.

Deadlines 2021

Deadline round 1 2021: Friday 26 February 2021 (activity takes place after 1 May 2021)
Deadline round 2 2021: Friday 21 May 2021 (activity takes place after 1 July 2021)
Deadline round 3 2021: Friday 17 September 2021 (activity takes place after 1 November 2021)
Deadline round 4 2021: Friday 19 November 2021 (activity takes place after 1 January 2022)

Apply for a grant now!

Download the application form here and send the completed document including attachments before the deadline per e-mail to

Grant requests must be submitted to the Expenditure Committee’s secretariat at least two months before the activity begins. Your application will then be examined at the next committee meeting.