‘‘Charmayne, last year you received a scholarship from the Jan de Limpens Foundation in collaboration with our fund, to study the master’s programme Biobased Materials. How do you like it?’’


Charmayne: ‘‘I like this master’s programme very much! I gained my bachelor’s degree in chemical technology at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven. During my studies, I found out that I really like the balance between different research fields. Moreover, I wanted to gain more knowledge to be able to work on sustainable production methods and to discover new possibilities to implement biobased materials. I wanted to choose my own track. So the master’s in Biobased Materials was perfect for me!’’

‘‘There are some additional benefits compared to other master’s programmes. Besides the combination of theoretical and practical work, the classes are small so you will have a lot of interaction with your classmates and get to know them well. Moreover, this master is based on Problem-Based Learning, so instead of doing only homework, you really discuss topics and learn from each other, which also helps to remember the study material better.’’

‘‘I can now use my chemical engineering knowledge and discuss topics with other students who have different backgrounds to overcome challenges. These new insights can lead to new innovative ideas by learning more about biobased materials and their applications. This master programme truly offers me the chance to learn more about the possibilities and new developments in biochemistry and technology. And because of this scholarship, it is possible for all students in the region to participate in this master’s. It shows that also here, in the South of the Netherlands, there are great opportunities in this industry.’’


About the Jan de Limpens Foundation

As you may know, our fund offers various scholarships on behalf of several organisations. The calls for scholarship students for academic year 2021-2022 are online now on the UM website. To that end, we want to introduce you to the current students. In this edition: Charmayne Siebers (22) from Geleen, who received a scholarship from the Jan de Limpens Foundation.

The Jan de Limpens Foundation is a charitable organisation and wants to offer scholarships to talented Master students who live and/or born and raised in one of these selected villages: Amstenrade, Bingelrade, Brunssum, Doenrade, Jabeek, Merkelbeek, Oirsbeek, Schinveld and Sittard (places in Sittard before the municipal merger with Geleen). The foundation aims to reduce barriers for young people seeking access to higher education and who wish to work and live in the region.

You can find more information about this scholarship on the UM website.