The goal of Maastricht University is to give each and every student worldwide the chance to study at Maastricht University, at all our faculties, regardless of their origin, race, socio-economic status or gender identity. Education should be accessible for everyone. So that everyone has equal opportunities to develop into the new scientists, doctors and executives of tomorrow. Various scholarships are therefore available for students who want to study in Maastricht. Some of these funds are provided through the Limburg University Fund. Applications must be submitted before May 1 of each year for most scholarships. The scholarships are administered for us by the Department of Scholarship Office of the Student Service Center (SSC) of Maastricht University.

Below we list this scholarships and their eligibility criteria.


Candriam Scholarship

A Candriam scholarship is only available for studies at SBE, School for Business and Economics, currently only for 1-year masters studies at SBE. Candriam is a renowned asset manager with a strong focus on sustainability, with headquarters in New York and a European office in Paris. To be eligible for a Candriam grant, you must have the nationality of EU/EEA country, Switzerland or Suriname. You must also be a so-called “First Generation Student” (FGS). This concerns students who would be the first in their family to start higher education.

Criteria Candriam Scholarship

Burgemeester Kees van Rooij met beursalen op het bordes van het Gemeentehuis in Horst aan de Maas

Regio North-Limburg Scholarship

The North-Limburg region is charged with the implementation of the “Quality of Life” task, which is part of both the Greenport Venlo Program and the Talent Program. The primary goal of “Quality of Life” is to develop a high quality living-work climate for young, highly educated, competent people, so that they will continue to live and work in this region. This scholarship is only available for a 2-year master study at FHML, our medical faculty, and a 1-year master study at SBE. Both are offered on campus Venlo. To be eligible for this grant, you must live in one of the following municipalities in North Limburg: Beesel, Venlo, Horst aan de Maas, Venray, Peel en Maas, Gennep, Mook en Middelaar en Bergen.

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Criteria Regio North-Limburg Scholarship

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Professor Jo Ritzen Scholarship

Jo Ritzen, former Director of Maastricht University and former Minister of Education and Science, has given the first major financial injection to this grant. This scholarship is only available for a 3-year bachelor study at our LAW faculty. To be eligible for this scholarship you must have Belgian, Luxembourg or French nationality and be a first generation student.

Criteria Jo Ritzen Scholarship


Stichting Mia Keulaerds Scholarship

The charitable organisation Stichting Mia Keulaerds provides scholarships for students who want to start a bachelor’s programme at one of the UM faculties, aimed at young people from the Parkstad region. The inspiring stories about the strong motives of Mia Keulaerds, a teacher from Heerlen who was highly devoted to equal education, add an extra sparkle to this special programme.

Criteria Stichting Mia Keulaerds Scholarship


Stichting De Ridder Scholarship

Stichting De Ridder is a charitable organisation resulting from the former, iconic De Ridder beer brewery in Maastricht. The foundation is committed to various socio-cultural projects. Young people from the Maastricht region can apply for a scholarship to start a bachelor’s programme at one of the UM faculties.

Criteria Stichting De Ridder Scholarship


UM First Generation Student (FGS) Scholarship

This scholarship is available for all bachelor studies at all Maastricht University faculties. To be eligible for this, you must have Dutch nationality and be a so-called First Generation Student (FGS). This concerns students who would be the first in their family to start higher education.

The special thing about this grant is that it is made available by a UM Alumni who wants to offer equal opportunities to talented young people who would otherwise be left out.

Criteria First Generation Students Scholarship

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LKPU Management Consulting Scholarship

The LKPU Management Consulting Scholarship, offered by LKPU Consulting, aims to support and empower students striving for higher education. This scholarship specifically targets candidates of certain SBE master’s programmes at Maastricht University, who hold German nationality and demonstrate financial need. In addition to covering tuition fees, the scholarship also offers an internship opportunity at LKPU Consulting.

Criteria LKPU Management Consulting Scholarship.

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