Science is a charity worth supporting! Together with 13 other university funds in the Netherlands, we recently brought this message to the attention of the public in a national campaign via radio commercials and advertisements in Trouw and de Volkskrant.

Our part of this campaign focused on preventive and regenerative medicine. This concerned the Healthy Primary School of the Future, a project by Prof. Onno van Schayck, and a project by Prof. Martijn van Griensven to give people with unhealed bone fractures a (pain) free life.

During the campaign, there was a lot of online interaction with the general public about the importance of science. The UM messages were also viewed well above average. The aim of bringing science as a good cause into the limelight has been achieved. In addition, we were also allowed to receive some donations for our UM projects. In the coming years, we hope to reap the benefits of the increased brand awareness that this campaign has brought to university funds.