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The University Fund Limburg/SWOL offers various scholarships to students of Maastricht University (UM). It facilitates this by cooperating with a wide range of organisations and private benefactors. The Fund is pleased to announce that it has recently joined forces with an UM alumnus who wants to start a new scholarship programme called the UM First Generation Students Scholarship. This programme will offer a total of 25 scholarships to bachelor’s students. Five scholarships will be awarded each year, over a period of five years and spread across all faculties.

When pursuing higher education is not a given…
The scholarship programme has been initiated and funded by an UM alumnus who aims to improve the accessibility of education for young people and help UM achieve its diversity and inclusivity ambitions. The scholarship is specifically for First Generation Students, meaning those who are the first in their family to pursue higher education. Research shows that this group experiences more social and financial barriers to attending university. The UM First Generation Students Scholarship aims to reduce the financial barriers for these young people to study at UM and enable them to acquire equal opportunities in society.

The University Fund Limburg/SWOL would like to thank this UM alumnus, who wishes to remain anonymous, for this generous gift. This new partnership is a good illustration of the warm bond between UM and its alumni community. It also ties in well with the policy ambitions and the growing desire of alumni to give back to UM and society in various ways.

More information on the scholarship can be found here.

University Fund Limburg/SWOL
March 2022