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Maastricht University Dinner

The University Fund Limburg is a charitable organization that raises money in several ways for important scientific research and education. In addition to the usual crowdfunding campaigns, our successful scholarship program and the establishment of special financial Funds (often linked to a professor), the University Fund Limburg annually organizes the Maastricht University Dinner together with the Province of Limburg. During this sponsored dinner, directors of renowned Limburg companies, are linked to professors, external guests, board members and the Executive Board of Maastricht University. The donations of the dinner will go entirely to science and education within the university.

Each year, the companies can choose a theme they are interested in and/or that is current within their business operations. Professors who are specialized in this theme are linked to the companies dinner table. This creates a beautiful interaction between business and science, sometimes resulting in surprising regional partnerships.

Guest speakers are also invited, professors of Maastricht University, who each give a pitch about their often ground-breaking research on current topics. This includes themes in the field of corporate social responsibility, health, sustainability, artificial intelligence, energy transition etc.
The pitchers’ research must be innovative, up-to-date and demonstrably contribute to the public interest. The pitches are awarded with cash prizes and are chosen impartially and anonymously by the invitees. The winner will receive a substantial financial boost to further shape his important research. The runner-ups 2 and 3 both receive a nice incentive amount.